Halation Agency is committed to being a conscious, ethically company, helping the environment where we can, by partnering and supporting businesses that do good for the world and our local communities. We believe, as a team, in the importance of contributing to our society and giving back to other organisations that are meaningful to us and our Halation Family.

Ethical 5

We sponsor a child at The Smith Family.

Ethics 4

We support offset to have trees planted to reduce our carbon foot print.

We monthly support 100 Women Charitable Foundation.

We contribute to at least 1% of our annual sale to environmental causes.

Ethical 2

We have a monthly subscription with Pure Planet.

We have a monthly subscription with Pure Pods.

Every October we make a donation towards a Breast Cancer Foundation

In our office

As a team we aim to minimise harm to our planet by reducing the use of plastic in the office where possible for example by using Soda Stream for our customer and decreasing the consumption of  plastic water bottles in the showroom. We encourage the team to bring their own bags, avoid plastic cutlery for lunches and every staff member has a keep-cup for their coffees. We also commit to weekly drop offs of the soft plastic to an off site, specific recycling site. Since last year, we have also implemented the Meat free Monday in the office. We know there is much more to be done and we are focusing to embrace small changes on a daily basis to improve our impact to the planet.

With our brands

We have also recently introduced in our brand mix few sustainable, eco-friendly labels as we really want to make a difference for our planet.

Ethics 1